Rules of Play

Whoosh Rules of Play

When playing at Whoosh, please observe the following rules

  1. Relax but watch your children. All children must be supervised by an adult aged over 18. It is that adult’s responsibility to ensure the welfare and location of the child.

  2. Socks must be worn at all times by children and adults using the play equipment and no shoes are allowed in the play areas. You can buy a new pair of socks from the café if you forget yours.

  3. Be safe. Children shouldn't run around and on the play frame, are not allowed to climb on the nets, the frame structure or up the slide, it’s dangerous. If your child has an accident, let us know immediately so we can help with first aid and log it in the accident log. Whoosh Play Centre cannot be held responsible for accidents which occur because of children playing on the premises.

  4. No picnics. Only food and drink purchased in Whoosh may be consumed in Whoosh.

  5. Let’s keep it clean… Food, drink or chewing gum are not allowed on the frame or in the play area. Please tell us if you notice and spills or mess and we’ll get it cleaned up. And keep a close eye on children that are being potty trained to avoid mishaps, especially in the ball pits!

  6. Sharp Items! Be careful of any sharp items such as watches, jewellery, or belt buckles as this could damage the frame and children.

  7. Personal belongings are the responsibility of the parent / guardian and must not be taken into the play area; Whoosh cannot accept liability for theft or loss.

  8. Playtime may be restricted to 2 hours on busy days.

  9. Not for Adults. As tempting as it looks, the soft play is for children up to 11 years of age (or 14 years old for Laser parties). Adults can only attend with a child.

  10. Feeling poorly? Children who are not feeling well are not allowed to use the play equipment to prevent the spread of germs and remove the risk of them making an accidental mess. 

  11. Don’t break the rules! We’re all about having fun and being safe, so please encourage your children to consider the enjoyment of others and play by the rules. Aggressive behaviour, bullying or breaking these rules may result in visitors being asked to leave immediately.
We also recommend that children wear long sleeves and trousers or tights to avoid friction burns on the slide.